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About Joe Clark

Joe Clark first went to sea as a nine year-old boy in the newly re-conditioned RMS Orion. The voyage to Australia took five weeks. He returned in the same ship some five years later by which time his love of the sea and ships was firmly embedded.

As soon as he was able to leave school, he joined the Orient Line as a Cadet Purser. He served on Otranto, Orontes, Orion, Orcades, Orsova and the Empire Orwell. He sailed on voyages to Australia, the west coast of America, and the Far East, as well as the occasional cruise to the Mediterranean, Scandinavia and the Pacific Isles.

He finished his service on Orontes as Deputy Purser on her final voyage to the breakers yard, a fitting if somewhat sad end.

Joe married and has three children and ten grandchildren. He had a successful career as a banker but fostered his love of the sea by collecting old film of the great liners of his time.

Now that he's retired, Joe can indulge his passion for ships and the sea by cruising. He prefers the smaller liners, sailing to all corners of the earth and of course still filming his voyages to bring the story up to date.

In 2004, Joe co-produced a three-part series of films entitled "Crossing the Oceans". Building on that success he now releases DVD's on his own - establishing several popular series including:

With original cine footage - much of which has never been published before - and an informative commentary from Joe himself, the films will take you on an unforgettable voyage back in time.

All the footage in his films was originally taken by amateurs - often crew members - on 8mm or 16mm cine cameras. Hence the quality is sometimes variable. Nevertheless the films are an authentic record of how it actually was - rather than how the shipping companies would like to portray it in publicity films.


*Please note the DVD's are supplied in PAL format suitable for UK, mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Far East. We do not currently have the film in NTSC format suitable for North America, but please contact us if you are interested as we may be able to supply you at a future date.