Joe Clark Films

Featuring Passenger Ships of the 20th Century

Crossing The Oceans

Throughout the twentieth century, great ocean liners have carried their passengers and crew to all corners of the globe. Whether transporting families to new lives in the southern hemisphere or cruising in the Mediterranean Sea, these great ships were synonymous with comfort and style. Names such as Queen Mary, Oriana and Australis reflected the proud heritage of the shipping lines whose fleets spanned the globe.

Over the past two decades, Joe Clark has assembled a unique collection of amateur film of these liners in their heyday. This has now been made available for the public to enjoy in a three part series titled Crossing the Oceans. Now digitally remastered, this film will bring back happy memories for those lucky enough to have sailed on these magnificent ships. Watch as they sail into and out of the many ports on their voyages and enjoy the many scenes of life on board.

The Crossing the Oceans series is organised by shipping lines. Part One covers ships of the P&O Company and its associated lines; the Orient Line, British India Lines and the New Zealand Shipping Company. Part Two features the Cunard Queens, Canadian Pacific, Royal Mail, Shaw Savill and Union Castle Lines. Part Three showcases ships from Italy, Greece, The Netherlands and many other European nations as well as some British cargo vessels en-route to Australia.