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Featuring Passenger Ships of the 20th Century

Liners We Once Loved

This is a new series called "Liners we once Loved". Each film in this series concentrates on one of the old liners that once crossed these oceans carrying passengers, cargo and mail to and from all parts of the globe

Most of the film is taken from converted cine film taken by passengers, crew members, and ship lovers on the fore-shore. the condition of the film varies in quality some of which is not to good but none the less worthy to be included.

Some of the material has been shown in other films I have made, however much is new material, the idea being to bring together all material on one ship together.

She returned to cruising shortly afterwards until her last cruise in 1997, when she was sold for scrapping in Pakistan.

She did two sets of trials, a shake down cruise and further trials before she was delivered in 1969.

She was refitted with diesel engines in 1986/87 and continued in service until 1968 when she was sold.

It was intended that she would be converted to a hotel ship in Dubai but this is still to transpire (2014).